Sound Design: Whisper Effect

Hello Developer Forum!

My voice actor and I have run into an issue recently in our development on a horror game. We need to create a whisper-like sound effect but can’t seem to find any way to do it. Do any composers have any idea on how to create an effect like this?

Specific Example:

Take a look at the time 0:13 - 0:16 for the effect.

If anyone is able to help, that would be great. I’m new to sound design and am looking for any tips that might be helpful. Horror games have a heavy use of sound after all.

Thank you.


I mean it’s really simple there is ton’s of software (Garage Band, Soundation etc) with filter’s that can do that once the audio has been imputed if you want to create the effect manually that’s going to take some time and I suggest keeping this in art design because game designer’s wont have a clue about this unless they are in both communities like me.

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Do you have any software in mind? I’m looking for specifics. My voice actor couldn’t find a plugin for this effect.

It seems a little deeper.

This I’ve never tried but it can work.

  1. Get Audacity
  2. Record the whisper
  3. Increase the bass and the treble by 5 - 15 dB
  4. Amplify the sound by 3
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I’ve done this before, get Audacity or another voice/audio software. Make multiple whispering tracks at all different tones and volumes and export them as an mp3. Should come out great.

Who is your voice actor? From what I can tell, they have a higher pitched voice, so I would assume either a female or a younger VA.

I would recommend having someone with a deeper voice to do the voices, it gives more of a “scary” effect.

For a whisper effect, you could use Audacity, it’s free and works pretty well.

Whispers have a lot of technical stuff behind them.

For in-depth. Say you’re across a football field. Someone is whispering from the other side. You obviously can’t hear it because the volume is too low. But if they were shouting, you could. Now think of a diagram like

o being the mouth
< representing low and high frequencies. The more distance there is from you and the speaker, the harder it is to hear these frequencies. But if I were to walk up to you and whisper, you’d hear that low end.

I forgot to say this, but make sure your microphone is a condenser microphone. NOT a dynamic. There’s a difference in them.