Sound Effects not applying to sound

I have a sound in which I placed a PitchShiftSoundEffect to change the pitch of the sound as it was too low-pitched for my desire (and I don’t want to waste some robux uploading it myself).

When I preview the sound, the effect applies and the pitch is high. However, when I playtest, the effect is not applied, and it sounds really low.

What is happening here?

It would be appreciated if this was resolved as soon as possible.

May we resolve this issue quickly?

There could be many reasons why this happens. Maybe try to add the effect via a script:

local effect ="PitchShiftSoundEffect") -- Creates the effect
effect.Octave = 1.25 -- Octave
effect.Priority = 0 -- Priority
effect.Enabled = true -- Enables the effect
effect.Parent = script.Parent -- Where the sound is located
script.Parent.Playing = true -- Turn on sound via script

Depending on whether you have the sound in workspace or in the client you have to choose between a server script or a local script. It is also recommended to start the sound with a script (as in the example above). I hope this helps!

I guess this helps? I forgot to share this information before.

My explorer:

Sound Properties:

Sound Effect Properties:

Script(called Tinnitus):

local char = script.Parent
local sound = script:WaitForChild("Tinnitus")
local curHlth = char:WaitForChild("Humanoid").Health
local SoundService = game:GetService("SoundService")

	local newHlth = h
	if curHlth - newHlth >= 50 then
		if not (sound.IsPlaying) then
	curHlth = h

Also, I’ll try creating the sound effect via script once it is clear that the above properties and scripts are not what is causing issues.

I think i found the problem:

If you start the sound with: SoundService:PlayLocalSound(sound) the effect will not be applied.
Therefore try it with: sound:Play()

That should solve your problem!

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Sound:Play() will play locally when called in a local script, right?

yeah correctly! only the client will hear it

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This is a scripting concern, not sound design. Your issue is with sound service.

I didn’t know that that was the issue. It’s been resolved anyways.

I wasn’t having this issue earlier today, but now I am. I tried scripting in the effects instead of adding them in. Sound:Play() doesn’t work for me. The pitch one won’t be applied, but if I add an equalizer, that will be applied. Only the PitchShiftSoundEffect is giving me problems.