Sound errors popping up

I’m making a anime game where players grind to get better abilities. There’s a bit of a problem though, I tested my game in Roblox Studio and kept seeing these errors popping up in my Output.

It does not actually affect gameplay but it just makes me frustrated. I become really frustrated when I see these type of errors popping up in the actual game and in the studio. Are there any solutions to this issue?

Any type of help would be appreciated.

There are usually two reasons:

  1. Your internet connection is slow or blocks these types of downloads - try a VPN?
  2. The asset ID might be wrong.

If your IDs are correct, there’s nothing wrong with your code and as you said correctly, doesn’t affect gameplay.

I think it’s because of my slow internet. My router is extremely slow despite being new.

I like to keep things organised. I’m pretty sure players can actually open the developer console and see the errors popping up. I don’t really want the players to see those errors, so this is going to be a problem I need to fix.