Sound Generator - Old or New Roblox Studio Feature?

Hello all developpers. Do you know if Roblox had, or have planed a sound generator added for simple sounds like bells, tones, waves, etc?

I have been searching for bell, tones, and other sound FX but since they are not always well tagged, I felt to, what seems to me, the only option of creating them locally on my workstation and uploaded it has sounds myself.

What do you think? Is there a solution out there, maybe plug-in or Would you like to have that kind of feature?

One of the good side of this you be to reduce the load on storage for roblox and having no worries for copyrights.

Thanks and Stay Creative

Probably not. Roblox has other features prioritized right now, assuming this idea has even occurred to anyone there at all.

Thx for replying. Would that be any help for you or others?

Probably not for me. I don’t use sounds like the ones described above, mostly weapon noises, along with FX.