Sound ID failing to load in script

I have entered a sound ID in the default RobloxCharacterSounds script, but it cannot download the data.

Here is the snippet from the script:

Running = {
		SoundId = "rbxasset://9083837523",
		Looped = true,
		Pitch = 1.85,`
"Failed to load sound rbxasset://9083837523: Unable to download sound data"

The ID itself is not the problem since no other IDs work, and all of the IDs can be played by calling them from SoundService.

How to fix this error?

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Maybe, the audio doesn’t exist anymore, what you can do is search another audio or upload one

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It’s rbxassetid:// not rbxasset://

Have a good day.

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uh, i dont see the asset id xd, thanks for helped him!

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