Sound Id for this?

I found this youtube video and it has the sound effect that I want.
At the start.

Do you want us to upload that audio?
I dont believe that is an audio on roblox.

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Ultimate Driving from @TwentyTwoPilots has that sound effect at the start of the video.

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Okay so you want them to give you there audio?
I dont understand what you want.

I just need the audio asset id.

I got bad news I dont believe they are going to give you the ID as it may get leaked.

Ok, But another question.

How do they do it?

First off, we can’t just automatically know the sound ID of an effect. Secondly, the people who are using whatever sound probably got it from either a third party sfx publisher or just took audio themselves. Either way, they got the sfx and uploaded it to roblox for however many Robux it took.

Ok, so where did they buy the sound from?

Well Hydrolock probably uploaded it considering that’s the YouTube uploader.

I also know he lives in North Florida (Jacksonville Area according to his Roblox profile) so he didn’t buy it, he drove those roads.

cc @SSSpencer413