Sound is not relative to player camera when adjusting CFrame

After manipulating the camera’s CFrame, the player perceives sound from 0,0,0, facing 180, instead of where the camera actually is.

(This uses modified code from (4) Super Camera Skewer 64 - Roblox, which the same problem also applies there.)

Here’s the code that adjusts the camera stretch/rotation. I used all R00-R22 but left the x,y,z coordinates alone.

	local x = tick() * 0.5
	r00, r11, r22 		= --buncha math
	r01, r10, r20, r21 	= --math
	r02, r12 			= --pie
	-- adjust the camera cframes and apply each step
	camera.CFrame = camera.CFrame *,0,0,r00,r01,r02,r10,r11,r12,r20,r21,r22)
	local scaleX = math.sign(r01)
	local scaleY = math.sign(r12)
	_G.RotateScale =,scaleY)

Here’s what I mean. Listen for the footsteps with headphones:
Spaceship Bar - Roblox Studio 2023-07-13 21-20-52 (sorry, don’t know how to embed streamable links :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for your help!

Did a little bit of experimenting, here’s what I found:

Sound stops tracking after

  • |R01| > 0.330
  • R11 < 0.95
  • |R21| > 0.315
  • R22 < 0.95

Once any of these checks are met, the point of where the camera was when the value changed is the point where audio is perceived until reverted to a safe value. I am not SetListener’ing anywhere.

All other parameters are safe to mess with and will keep sound relative to the camera. I think this might be an engine bug.


Perhaps this may be of use, you could set the listening CFrame to the correct one.

Any idea on how to keep forcing the listener to the current camera? Workspace.CurrentCamera is always used as default and for some reason it stops after a certain point (check changes in original post).

You could set the currentlistener to the camera cframe every frame