Sound keeps changing volume

I’ve had this issue in my game where sounds keep “cutting” into a lower volume when I start walking at random times and when I move my camera. It will go back to being loud moments after.

I’ve tried printing the volume of the sounds but it does not actually change when it happens. At first I thought it was my headset, then my friend said it happened to him too.

If you listen VERY carefully it happens exactly when I start walking. It’s not so noticable in the video but very noticable in-game

Is this a Roblox issue or an issue with my game?

It’s a part sound. Let me demonstrate:

  • If you are closer to part, the sound will be louder
  • If you are getting far from part, the sound will will be quieter until it will stop playing.

Try to move the sound to SoundService.

You should be using the SoundService in Roblox for background music, as it prevents this from happening. It also prevents other sounds from playing over it.
If you want to play a sound from an object but not have it affected by the SoundService, you can do this using the Sound object.

It’s not a part sound, the sound is already parented to SoundService. I’ve also tried parenting to other client hierarchies

If you are using Part.Touched
The game might think that you are not within the part for a very short period of time, this may be due to a physics or New Part Change as if a part has stopped moving but is touching a part, .Touched will not fire, but if it changes, it will have to detect that new change

It’s NOT inside a part, the sound is parented to SoundService as it should

But what does a .Touched event have to do with a sound that is not a part sound?

I don’t have any .Touched events in my game

Thats IF you are,

If the sound is just playing by Default, nowhere located in the workspace, then its Likely the sound Itself.

It happens to all my sounds, they are all made by Roblox and I even tried with some of my own.

I’m not sure if this would be helpful:

It may be due to the “Droppler Effect”
(This is by going off of when you said the Volume lowers, take it with a Grain of salt)

Other than that, it states i should stay the same volume for 2D sounds (Sounds not Parented to Objects)


“A Sound is an object that emits Sound”

Please show us where you have your sound objects located in the explorer, and also if any - code that plays the sound. Also include properties of said sound object.

All sounds are placed in SoundService
The properties should not be able to replicate such a thing

These are the SoundService properties also in case

The glitch seems to be with roblox itself and I can replicate the issue in most games, I’ve checked my drivers, headphones even device. I think it’s on Roblox’ side

It’s a Roblox glitch, it has been happening for me aswell for quite a while.

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