Sound not changing its values

I am coding a UI, which when a button is clicked performs several actions, in one of them, it would play a sound on the server.

The current parent of the sound is the replicated storage, the local script triggers a remote event and a script moves the sound to the workspace and plays it, but trying, its the only action that doesn’t work.

Function that fires the remote:

function l(se: Sound)


local s=script.Parent

local r=s.Rest
function ac(s: Sound)
	s.Playing = true
	s.Looped = true
	s.Parent = workspace
	while wait(.2) do		
		s.PlaybackSpeed=r:NextInteger(6, 1.1)
r.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(pl: Player, s: Sound)
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you may want to Clone() the sound instead:

function ac(s: Sound)
	local newSound = s:Clone()

	newSound.Parent = workspace
	newSound.Playing = true
	newSound.Looped = true
	while wait(.2) do		
		s.PlaybackSpeed=r:NextInteger(6, 1.1)

additionally, you could also shorten the last lines of code, as long as you add a player argument to your “ac()” function:

function ac(pl: Player, s: Sound)


Cloning the sound doesn’t seem to work either, I’m going to rewrite the script.

why not handle pitch randomization like this?

while task.wait(2) do
	local lowestPitch = 0.8
	local pitchAddition = 0.3

	local randomPitch = lowestPitch + math.random() * pitchAddition
	print(randomPitch) -- prints a random number between 0.8 and 1.1
	-- set the playback speed of the sound here

You have a global variable s assigned as script.Parent and you’re also parsing an s Instance over to your function. This can generally interfere with variable scopes and references. Always helps to avoid that.

Additionally, where is the script located? Have you attempted debugging how much of the code in it’s bounds is ran and exactly where’s what may be going wrong?

Lastly, while there’s nothing wrong with using single-letter names for variables, it significantly reduces readability and can cause confusion as your code progresses in complexity. I initially thought s was the Sound instance you were attempting to relocate, and while you mentioned the Sound is in ReplicatedStorage, I presumably thought the script was parented to it until I looked at your function parameters.