Sound Not Playing When Parented To SoundService

Hi there! I currently have a music queue script and I have a sound that is stored in the SoundService. This works fine when the server starts and it plays the first song, however, when it plays the next one, it doesn’t play anything. When I have the sound object parented to the Workspace, everything works perfectly fine.

I don’t really know much about the SoundService, so I’ll be glad if anyone figures out this issue.

Playing the song Code:

local music = game.Soundspace.Music
local queue = {}


if #queue == 0 then addSongs() end
table.remove(1, queue)
music.SoundId = queue[1].songID

This is wrapped in a function, I’m not showing the full code.

It’s supposed to be SoundService, not Soundspace. Did you rename it? It’s not a good idea to rename services.


I didn’t rename anything. It was like that by default.

Wait a minute, can the SoundService things be received from clients even though it’s being played from the server? If not, then that’s most likely the problem.

It shouldn’t be… that’s odd.

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