Sound not playing

i have a script in my car

local VehicleSeat = script.Parent.Parent

while true do
	speed = math.floor(math.sqrt(VehicleSeat.Velocity.x ^ 2 + VehicleSeat.Velocity.y ^ 2 + VehicleSeat.Velocity.z ^ 2))
	VehicleSeat.Sound.Pitch = speed / 150 + 0.3


I can hear myself walk around and other sounds I have and I can hear the sound if I click on the preview… I also see the property change when I move the car but I cant hear the car as I drive around… is there a way to fix this…

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I assume you have to parent the sound instance to somewhere else.

that did not work i try adding it to a part and same thing happen.

  1. Make sure sound is looped
  2. Make sure sound is playing [or not]
  3. Maybe increase Volume
  4. Try changing RollOffMinDistance & RollOffMaxDistance!
  1. Test :happy1:

well I manage to fix it by changing the Roleoffmode to linear