Sound TimePosition value incrementing at 2x (!?!?!) under certain case

SoundTimePositionAdvanceBug.rbxl (11.5 KB)

^^ Open and Play Solo ^^

I had someone else try it on their computer and it reproduced, but if the printed rate is not around 2 then it isn’t reproducing.

Steps to reproduce (without place file)

  1. Place a sound in ServerStorage
  2. When Player joins, clone sound to Player
  3. On Client, Play the sound (after any amount of time waiting)
  4. Play Solo
  5. TimePosition advancing at 2x

Additional Notes

  1. FilteringEnabled doesn’t matter
  2. Pitch doesn’t affect (TimePosition advance rate is still 2*pitch when it should be just pitch)
  3. I’m on Windows 10
  4. Sound is not sped up, but will end half way through since rate is 2x.
  5. Script locations in demo file:
  • ServerScriptService/Script
  • StarterPlayerScripts/LocalScript
  1. CLONING the Sound placed in Player instance BEFORE playing it resolves the issue.
  2. Sound does not have to be in SoundService
  3. This started happening within past 2-4 weeks.

I’ve been noticing the same thing.

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Worked with @spotco to get a fix on this. Should go live around next Thursday.

I’ll update this post later if it turns out something bad happened and it needs to be delayed.


The flag to fix this problem just got turned on. Everything should be fine now, but let me know if it isn’t.