Sound Volume in Studio Edit Mode Shouldn't Be Dependent on Volume in Play Solo/Test Mode

As a developer setting up vehicles with many sounds, I sometimes play solo/test the game in between edits. When I do this I may or may not change the volume as shown:

There are times when I change the sound volume to 0 while in Test for whatever reason, and then when I go back to the Edit mode and try playing sounds, it’s silent. When I go back into Test mode and put the volume back up, I can hear the sounds (as one may expect) and when I switch back over to Edit mode I can hear the sounds again.

My point is, I would like sound volume in Edit mode to not be dependent on what your volume setting is on Test mode. This would save a lot of confusion for people wondering why their sounds aren’t playing, when in reality the only problem is that their Test mode volume is muted.


Yeah this is annoying…

It would be even more useful if there was a window dedicated to Sounds, with a Mixer.

The window would show what sounds are playing, how long they’ve been playing, their performance impact, loudness, as well as their L/R mix according to where they are relevant to the camera.

Perhaps an additional feature could be that of storing SoundGroups here, and being able to more easily setup sound effects through the window.

Oh, and a volume bar would be nice as well, with dB reading…


exactly! Thank you

Having separate configurations for test mode and edit mode would be very helpful and would definitely lessen the headache of needing to go in test mode just to reconfigure the sound volume.

I propose to have a change in the current studio feature where it allows you to completely mute the studio:

Instead this button should show a widget to configure both Edit mode and Test mode sound settings.


Didn’t see this until now. Seconded!!!

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