SoundDirection Module

Im sorry for my bad english.


You can use this module for ambience!
(bc u cant move after creating sound)


Roblox Library: (SoundDirection - Roblox)

Uncopylocked Test Place

Roblox Place: (SoundDirection - Roblox)

local sounddirection = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.SoundDirection)

local newsound = sounddirection.NewSound()

	script.sfx, -- sound object
	-5, -- x
	0, -- y
        0, -- z
	0 -- delay (for update sound position)


You will use this module?

  • Yes! :slight_smile:
  • No :confused:
  • I dont know :expressionless:

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This can hardly be called a resource, since it is basically just creating a sound parented to a part and then tweening the CFrame of it to another target CFrame, which is even more pathetic when you consider that it doesn’t support rotation or even tweening along the z-axis. This functionality is seemingly simple enough to be scripted by any developer without going through the hassle of using an external module, which doesn’t even offer that much flexibility.

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  • Added Z-Axis
  • Now you can change sound position after creating sound
  • Fixed some issues and bugs

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the position can be done using Vector3 so there’s no need for three arguments for X, Y, and Z