SoundPreviewer | Easier sound manipulation

Introducing SoundPreviewer

I always have the same problem, creating sound effects and doing tons of tests to see which one is the best MaxDistance. No longer wanted to do that, so I made this plugin, SoundPreviewer.

SoundPreviewer is a plugin that makes it easier for developers to modify sounds, by using SphereHandleAdornments and BillboardGuis to display the Sound Info in real-time.

How to use this plugin

First of all, install the plugin, once you have it installed, that’s all, every time you select a sound, a sphere will appear around the sound parent containing Sound info like the volume, name, distance, etc…

You can also select multiple sounds and modify them at the same time

By default the plugin will generate a sphere every time you select a sound parented to a BasePart or an Attachment, but if you no longer want to generate an sphere when you select a sound, you can toggle the plugin on and off with the plugin buttons.


Button functions:

Depending on wheter the sound has got an ID or not, the surrounding sphere color will be different, being red if there is no ID or blue if there is a valid ID.

How to get SoundPreviewer

SoundPreviewer is a totally free plugin that anyone can take here:

If you find any bug, you want to suggest a feature or you want to provide feedback feel free to post it here or do it at this plugin’s official GitHub repository.


This is really neat and definitely something I’m going to use in the future. Would you consider adding a feature like draggable points, so that people can adjust the distance of the sound through the plugin?

Yeah, that was on my to-do list, it will still take me a while to implement that feature as it is something I haven’t experimented with yet.

This seems Super useful! Can’t wait to try it out!

Also I would suggest changing the name of “Toggle Preview” to “On/Off” so the user can better understand whats going on.

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finally, someone made this as a plugin, thank you, kind sir, I shall use this

Thanks for your suggestion, updated the plugin with new button texts and icons.


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This is really innovative I like it a lot! :+1:t2:

Please consider putting this on Github so we can help you maintain and add features to it!

If you have trouble or don’t know how to use Github I can give you a hand as well, I’d really like to contribute to this Plugin.


Created a GitHub Repository to make it easier for me to develop and improve this plugin. If you have any suggestion or you find any bug make sure to report it there.

Suggested by @RuizuKun_Dev

Version 2.0.0 is out!

Version 2.0.0 is now live and avaible for everybody to install here. It comes with several bug fixes, improved and more optimised functions & methods, work-in-progress content like audio draggers, and some aesthetical changes to the buttons.


To see a detailed log of all the changes that have been made since v1.0., check out the offical plugin github

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ever since this new update the plugin has stopped working, I’ve tried everything, reinstalling, click some of the buttons, but no matter what, the UI and ball never come up, do you have any idea on how to fix, or is there a way to go back a version.

Released a patch update, should be fixed now.

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this looks really neat and intuitive, will 100% use for future projects.