Sounds aren't playing the first time they play on a client

Hello everyone, I’m basing my sound storage system off of this post

The ModuleScripts where the sound data is stored looks like this:

local soundLibrary = {}

soundLibrary = {
	["Name"] = {
		["SoundId"] = "rbxassetid://123456",
    -- The rest of the sounds

soundLibrary.DefaultValues = {
	["Looped"] = false,
	["PlaybackSpeed"] = 1.000,
	["Volume"] = 0.500,
	["RollOffMaxDistance"] = 10000,
	["RollOffMinDistance"] = 10,
	["RollOffMode"] = Enum.RollOffMode.Inverse,

Whenever I need to play a sound to all clients, I fire a RemoteEvent with the sound name and the clients create and play the Sound objects, using the information from the module, at the desired location:

-- Called by the client
function soundEmitter.emitSound(stringId, location)
	local sound ="Sound")
    -- Returns a dictionary of the sound properties based on its entry in the sound library
	local soundParams = soundEmitter.getSoundParams(stringId) 
     -- Sets the Sound's attributes to those from the dictionary
    soundEmitter.assignValues(sound, soundParams)

	sound.Parent = location
	Debris:AddItem(sound, sound.TimeLength)

However, some sounds do not play when they are called for the first time; I’m assuming it’s because the client needs a moment to download the sound data. What’s the best way to account for this if I were to use a system like this?

You could use ContentProvider:PreloadAsync()

Should I load every single sound when the player first joins then?