Sounds capped at 45 seconds?

So I have a approx. 123 second sound. I uploaded it to studio, and its capped at 45 seconds. So, I tried again, capped at 45. I thought it was a studio problem, but listened within the Roblox website. Capped at 45 seconds. Anyone know why this is happening. Is it a problem on my end?

What does Sound.TimeLength report?

Also, this should be in #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support.

It reports 45 seconds on the dot. Also, my bad, I’m not quite familiar with categories.

How are you uploading the file? Try using the .OGG file format instead of .MP3 if you aren’t already.

Alright, I’ve been using .mp3 so I’ll try that.

EDIT: It works, thanks so much!

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