Sounds Played Outside of Workspace Change Pitch


I have no idea what the cause of this is, or if it’s even intentional or not, but what’s happening is pretty easy to explain, thankfully.

Essentially I create a new sound on the server, and am trying to play it inside of a part in workspace so that it will emanate from that point. When I play the sound parented to a part, as I’m trying to do, the pitch alternates every 1/4th of a second or so, making it sound awful. At first I assumed this was a copyright bypass of some kind. However, I then switched over to one of the thousands of audio files uploaded by roblox and the same effect happened. The strange part is that when played through workspace (broadcast to the entire game) instead of played through a part, it no longer does the pitch alteration.

I was under the impression that all of the music files roblox uploaded a few years ago were not copyrighted, or at least were held by roblox and therefore open for use by developers. Even if this were not the case, it wouldn’t explain why playing it through workspace (broadcast to the entire game) would be allowed but playing it through a part (broadcast to nearby players) wouldn’t be.

Anyone know what’s going on here?

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Is the player or part position to which the sound is parented changing?

A sound exhibits the Doppler effect, meaning its frequency and pitch varies with the relative motion of whatever attachment or part it is attached to.

Per the api reference for the sound class Sound | Roblox Creator Documentation

You should be able to fix this using the RollOffMode property

No, the part it’s parented to isn’t moving.

Changing rolloffmode had no effect.

Very much seems like an intentional roblox thing but I absolutely cannot figure out why it’s happening

I was parenting the sound to HumanoidRootPart to cause this to happen.

Changing the parent to the player’s head fixed the issue.

Absolutely no idea why.