Sounds plays too loudly in one ear or the other when you pan the camera

So I am having troubles with sounds in my game. The sounds are parented to parts and it seems that they emit from the center of the parts which is not ideal for what I am trying to achieve. I have a radio in a lobby area that has an invisible part that has sounds in it. I have a script that plays the sounds and that all works fine that isn’t my problem. The problem (and I am going to do my best to explain this) is that when I play the game and hear the sound it does not sound good at all like the sound emits from the center of the part it is parented to and whenever I turn my camera a bit the sound grows louder in one ear and just feels un-playable so I’m not sure how I could fix this I’ve tried messing with the rolloff distance and modes but nothing has seemed to work so far unless I am doing something wrong. I hope this all makes sense I’m not very good at explaining things and I aplogize.


The stereo sound should be intentional, whenever the camera pans. What exactly is the problem or what is the goal of this?

well the problem is that this radio when the sound plays from it it should sound like it is coming from the radio itself which is why I have an invisible part on it that has the sounds parented to it and it does sound like the music emits from the radio but it sounds too strong in one ear when facing a different direction and I do not think it sounds too good like that. again I apologize if my explanation isn’t too good.

That’s not because of the game. I think that’s from your end. Try checking your sound output on stereo, this is more of a technical issue on your end. It is impossible that the sound could have turned out differently on each ear, because it is mono.

well I’m not sure how to fix that then if it is on my end because everything else sounds fine with my headphones including Roblox games, YouTube videos, etc. everything sounds fine except the sounds I have in my game in Studio so I’m not sure how I could fix it then.

dont parent your sound on the invisible part, parent your sound on a folder or somewhere organized then try to play the game