SoundService Script Error

After about 30 seconds of the client being connected to this game, their developer console log is flooded with this until they leave the game, and causes the sound service scripts to eat up more and more memory.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

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If you absolutely don’t want this,

You can put a modified version of the sound script in StarterPlayer or just put a script in there named Sound with absolutely nothing to disable it completely, your call.

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Do you ever set the parent of the character to something other than workspace?

When I change the parent of the character and then set it back to workspace in studio it starts flooding the console with those messages.

From my experience, connecting a blank function silences this error.

SoundEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function ()
    -- Intentionally blank

Where are you putting this, and what are you referring to with SoundEvent?

I have a fork of the Sound script placed in StarterCharacterScripts. In the server script, there is a line of code that creates a RemoteEvent called CharacterSoundEvent in every sound added to the character. Just below the event’s creation but before the parenting, I connect a blank function to OnServerEvent as shown above.