SoundService.AmbientReverb does not work as expected with sound groups

If you use AmbientReverb in conjunction with the SoundGroups, the resulting reverb will ignore any effects present on playing sounds.
This is kinda hard to visualize, so I made an easy-to-use repro to represent the issue. When you press the Switch Reverb button, you’ll start hearing an echo of normal music despite the original sound being distorted beyond belief.

As far as I can tell, this bug has been happening since sound groups and effects were added.

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Bumping this because there still seem to be issues with AmbientReverb. Though not sure if the issue above is the same as mine, I can’t find a more relevant bug report. Sounds in SoundGroups seem to for the most part be ignored, whether already playing or not. Can’t seem to find out why; just one of my 15 sounds (which are all in sound groups) is actually effected by the property.

Sorry to bump this really old topic but the issue that i’m facing is really annoying.

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Hey Samuel, the SoundService.AmbientReverb property is quite old, and predates many other audio APIs. Unfortunately, they don’t always interact in intuitive ways :sweat_smile:

When SoundService.AmbientReverb is set, every Sound is sent to a global reverb effect in parallel to its normal routing. That’s likely why any SoundEffects or SoundGroups along the way are not picked up in the reverb. Put another way: a copy of the sound is sent to the reverb before any SoundEffects or SoundGroups are applied to it.

I would recommend creating a ReverbSoundEffect on a SoundGroup and adjusting the reverb’s properties as needed – SoundGroups can nest (Support For Nested SoundGroups), so this should provide much more control than the global SoundService.AmbientReverb property

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Thank you for the clarification! This feature request is pretty old, and I’ve adjusted to using SoundGroups for reverb effects years ago.

I think it’d be best for someone to create a new, more relevant feature request if they’re still having trouble with this.


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