SoundType should be marked Deprecated + Hidden

In the SoundType document on the Developer Hub Enum Index, it shows outdated and deprecated audio that was around the SoundService/Sound property in 2008 in early Roblox Studio. As of today, this is a deprecated method and documentation is incorrect here as you can’t access these through studio in the Explorer-like that:

Attempting to access these through the old and new Service for Sounds will not work as these classic and removed sounds can’t be used at all.

Instead and with a fix on the document, it should be listed as “Deprecated”, “NotReplicated”, and “Hidden” from the Roblox API and page itself due to the fact that it has been removed for almost a decade and not configurable by a developer.

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Thanks for this report! I’ve just filed it, and we’ll get to it as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


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