Source image of Weld SurfaceType texture?

For aesthetic purposes, I’m looking to use the texture of the Weld SurfaceType on a cylinder. Currently, it won’t show on the top when I change the shape to a cylinder:

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time browsing through the & package contents but couldn’t find anything relating to SurfaceType textures (just materials). Here’s a summary:

My final guess was that the SurfaceType textures are somehow generated at runtime, but that wouldn’t really make sense because I can see them perfectly fine in studio.

If anyone knows where I can find the source of the weld texture and re-upload it to use on unsupported parts, it would be greatly appreciated.


I actually needed this for my own game, I did some digging and found a file named
It contained all of the surface textures like Weld, Universal, Inlet, etc…

So I cropped the weld texture and added transparency to it, here’s the final result: