Source of extreme lag in my game (from Micro Profiler)

Hello so i am making a game, and i joined it and notice it was unsually laggy. the memory was not going up (it stayed at 1k from the start to the end). However, when checking the micro profiler i see that something called “perform” seems to be taking 25 ms to render, which spikes up when i look in a certain direction.

What does this mean and what can be causing this?

According to MicroProfiler, game rendering follows a Prepare, Perform and Present logic. In the “Perform” step, Roblox “Issue[s] rendering commands, including 2D interfaces.” In this step, it looks like computeLightingPerform and Emitter estimated boundings are taking up a majority of the time. This sounds like addressing lighting or particle emitter issues in your game might be a good start. Do you have a lot of those in one space? Maybe look around and try to determine the general direction of the problematic location.

ah okay thank you ill start to look their and tell you what i find when i can. The direction seems to be towards an arena that we made, but removing it completely (deleting it) didnt seem to fix the issue

One thing to consider with regards to lighting is which parts should be rendering shadows and which ones shouldn’t. Enabling BasePart.CastShadow can lighten the rendering load, as would disabling shadows on your light objects.

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