SourceMan: source manager for LinkedSources and external URLs


SourceMan allows you to download and publish all linked sources you can edit on any game they can be loaded on, it also have a small support for models so you can share your modules with your friends.

LinkedSource constraints

Owner LinkedSource
User #1 User #2 User #3 Group #1 Group #2
User #1 ✔️ ✔️
User #2 ✔️ ✔️
User #3 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Group #1 ✔️
Group #2 ✔️
✔️ Works on any game (universe)
Doesn't works in online mode

  • User #1 is in Group #1
  • User #2 is in Group #2
  • User #3 is in both groups.
  • All the users have edit permissions to the groups they are in.


  • The Windows OS for the install script.
  • While on Team Create, another place must be open.
  • HttpService enabled for non-roblox domains.


This process inserts a single .lua file into the BuiltInPlugins directory located under studio’s version folder. That allows linked sources to be fetched within roblox’s API. Ultimately, 3 prompts may show:

  1. Select user*
  2. Select roblox’s version*
  3. Save to BuiltInPlugins directory.

* No files are saved on these steps.


Button Description
Grants permissions to this plugin to access script sources.
gameasset address
Turn "rbxgameasset://..." into a full url valid in other games you own.
Import sources
List all insertable linked sources.

Lua container actions

To edit a linked lua container, you first need to download it.

Download Fetches the source from the address set in the metadata or in the LinkedSource property, then embeds it on the lua container.
Link Resets the LinkedSource property accordingly to the metadata.
Publish Posts the source to every asset ID on the metadata.

Source metadata

Keeps helpful information for other users using the source and also allows to change data relevant for the container actions.

	Written by: FieryEvent (18039437)

{"From":(Asset ID),"AssetType":"Lua","To":[(Asset ID)]}
Key Type Example
From integer or string 1818 or ""
AssetType string "Lua" or "Model"
To array [
Type Example
integer 1818

Place repositories

The default repository for SourceMan is the ReplicatedStorage, however that can be changed by a few ways:

  • Create a new Folder there called “DefaultRepository”.
  • Create a new ObjectValue there with the name “DefaultRepository” with a valid value to the instance you wish to store your sources.
  • Install the ModMan add-on. *


ModMan is a small module to require modules by their id or name, if they’re available for the current node and either placed in a repository or tagged by the CollectionService.


SourceMan ModMan