Space Battle Game (Developers Needed)


Background Information -
I am aensvey and I own a development group called, “Delta Digital” and I am looking for developers for my newest project, “Space Battle Simulator”. Before you go and click off because you think that this will be just some other garbage simulator please thing again. Due to me not wanting this idea to be stolen and used by other developers, please contact me for more information about the game itself.

I feel like I need to clarify something about the game and that is that it is NOT an open world game, players will be localized to a single spaceship without most of an exterior as they would not go outside of the spaceship but rather be focused on game play inside of it. Again if your wondering what this game is about please add me on Discord and I can better explain it to you.

The Team & Payment -
@Vacant - Builder - 30%
@Vacant - Scripter - 35%
@Vacant - Clothing Designer - 5%
@Vacant - GFX Artist - 5%

Contact Information -
You must be 13+ to apply, Aensvey#2799.

Youre paying yourself 25%, for what exactly?

Actually I am only taking 5% for me, I’ll be helping out with building and scripting. The rest will go back into the game like for instance, Advertisements or Badges. I would also like to pay out extra sometimes to developers.

I sent you a friend request on Discord! I work with ui sometimes so I’ll get that covered, But I am mostly a scripter.

I don’t have Discord but here is my info. I’m interested in the clothing job.

My portfolio: [OPEN] MissMae15 - Clothing Commissions

Commission Website:

Clothing Designer - Commissions

I’m potentially interested in the GFX job. here is my portfolio as well as my discord:

discord: ShadowBoi#0802

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