Space between UI and screen

Hello everyone,
Earlier today, making UIs i noticed a bug.
When I stick UIs to the end of the screen in studio, they are on when testing in studio, but when i play in the normal game there is a space between the and of the screen and the UI.
Anyone know how to fix that?


In studio:

(I could not get a pic in studio but this is how it would look)
Thanks for reading!

You should use the device emulator;
(The button in the top right)

I also use a plugin the makes the UI fit on every device.

This is not the problem idk how to explain it


I looked at your issue and found this:

I think it has something to do with ROBLOX Studio’s emulator being different from an actual device.
Look at the image below:

Click the image to preview it properly. (for some reason it looks like your image in your post)

The joystick and the player name in the top bar are both further away from the side.

Try moving your UI’s closer to the edge of the screen. That’ll probably fix your issue.

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Thanks i will try that :slight_smile: