Space filling ideas for a house

Good afternoon! My name is Chris and I’ll get straight to the point.
I need some space filler ideas for a modern house I built, I can’t think of where the following rooms should go;


Living Room
Kitchen - Seen in the video, but probs not the best spot

Here’s the video!
Warning, very, very loud music.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Uhhh just add a bunch of storage, plants, and shelfs. Pretty sure that is what a house is lol.
Also, maybe change up the floor in some places or add carpet. It seems like there is a lot of wood.

The house look really, good here is few suggestions.

My Ideas

1.The rooms should go in the up stairs part. And the main room that should, go in the down stairs area in the corner next to the stairs, I would add some carpets and a desk! in the main room and on 0.27 there should be a. Bathroom in that empty space.

2.On 0.21 that right there can be a. Living room and on 0.34 i would add the kids rooms in the left area, part you could also add another bathroom in the right. Corner and in the open part when you come up stairs, You could maybe add some furniture,couches, and other different things in that big space! and add some windows on the side of the house as well.

Outside Area

2.Add some grass,trees,potted plants,flowers, a pool in the back and the plants! on the side of the house. And a sidewalk connecting to the driveway part,

That’s all from me, and you should change the windows to. A light blue color keep up the good work!!

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The stairs are giving me a slight headache due to their misaligned steps and disoriented placements. Remember to use snap to grid correctly.

Now, let’s fill the rooms!

Living Room

  • Couch / Sofa / Comfortable furnitures
  • Carpets
  • TV / Entertainment / Bookshelves
  • Coffee table
  • Misc / End tables / Dressers / Cupboards / Storage / Paintings / Plants



  • Bed of any modern style, preferably a twin
  • Dressers / Cabinets / Anything that stores clothes
  • Desk & computer setup
  • End tables w/ lamps
  • Paintings

If you have any questions, ask ahead.

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Why not some paintings? Maybe a few couches and lamps. A chandilier? Or however you spell it

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