Space Game Idea!

But Build a Boat for treasure did not build an entire solar system. They also made sure that the piloting function was only accessible if people truly wanted it, meaning that both the explorers and builders were satisfied.

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Good idea, i’d probably play it myself for a while.

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I know its “complicated” but I cannot share everything, by manual; I meant tutorial. If it malfunctions, we’ll have something planned. The rocket building is also up to them, piloting is also up to them. With the rocket, you can fly to planets, and other places which I cant share yet… I really appreciate your time writing that!

But what would you do on those planets?

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We have things planned, but I cant share it yet, due to it will be a update.

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This sounds like a great idea!
It would be really cool if you could make your own space station in space and float around in it.


I appreciate that! I’ll put it on a trello.

Like the International Space Station?


(why do I need to write this whenever I want to reply to someone?!)

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First of all, you need to figure out the technical aspect of all of this. Explore the edge of space? You are going to need to conserve memory space before you can do that.

We are using a system similar to Starscape’s where each “system” is divided to different servers.

Second of all, the rocket part seems cool. You have made detailed plans for how the rocket can land, how progression would work, all of which is great. However, what are you going to do with the rocket? Why would I fly anywhere, if there is nothing to do?

There will be achievements, missions, ect. We just want the basic rocket feature for now.

It sounds good on paper, but here’s the thing: a game should not have to be so complicated that you need a manual. It is fine to have an interactive tutorial, but players will most likely get bored very quickly, and either just fly without the manual, or just simply leave, thinking the game is too complicated.

As @Pie_Developer mentioned, by “manual” we mean tutorial, also about it being complicated, we are planning to make something like whatever floats your boats system where you’re fine with a cannon and a part but if you want to make an efficient ship you have to be a bit more creative, in other words, easy to learn, hard to master.

But what will likely happen if you combine them together is that somebody makes a rocket. Turns out it malfunctions, and they are stuck in space. They continuously test the rocket, but due to that it breaks so far on, it takes forever to get back. The player, feeling dejected leaves

I’ll repeat, it won’t be complicated. It’s their fault if they skip the tutorial (which will be mandatory the first time and you can always return to it). If they can’t place 3 parts together they shouldn’t be playing the game. Small question, what do you mean by “it takes forever to get back”? If they decide to their return will be instant although with some penalty.

My point is that combining the two together means that the explorers feel dejected because they cannot build the rocket, and the builders dejected because they find the piloting too hard.

  1. The rocket being hard to build was already explained, and with the piloting I’ll repeat myself, it will be easy to learn and hard to master. (wasd isn’t hard but if you want to attach 5 boosters go on)
  2. Why are you dividing the players between 2 categories? There’s much more, you can’t just say in adopt me that there’s “pet collecters and rpers”.

Source: I’m the scripter : D


Source x2: Me and Yeti are the only developers, we both script, I build as well, so please be aware; updates will roll out slower than a normal game.

I’m not saying you have to have the entire exploration system planned. What I am saying though is that you give players motivation to go there without the game pushing them there. If you can successfully attract players without missions or badges, then you’ve made a good POI (point of interest).

I agree, but those are the majorities that play the game. Same can be applied for any type of game, where there are majorities of their player base and then some minorities. It can depend on the game, but these are the people who I would see being attracted to this sort of game.

Miswrote that here, but the point I wanted to get across was that in say Build A Boat for Treasure, if you accidently launch, you can either kill yourself and lose all the work and resources you spent, or you can just sit it out, knowing that you messed up and you must at least get some return in investment.

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Thank you for writing that, once again; we may take a bit of inspiration from build a boat with earning something back, either some cash, or maybe a rocket blueprint: it will vary depending on how far you go.

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try adding nebula stars!
these stars will shoot randome laser at you
also stone clusters will be a good idea!
stones floating in big groups that you have to avoid

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Thanks for the idea, we’ll consider it.

Launch off! (basic rocket for testing) Lets go to the moon!

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You could maybe add planets too because it will be more fun to play than just in the rockets

Thanks for the feedback, we have it planned.

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I have made a similar game however it uses alot of overall realism, similar to kerbal space program. I paused the project because I lacked the motivation to do so, and Instead worked on a different project.


If uh, you need a builder or something, Im down wink :wink:.

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