Wertyhappy27 (Builder and beginner scripter)

About Me

Hello fellow Robloxians. My name is Werty, and I’m good at making plants/terrain, room decor, and some exterior work. I can also make lobbies and maps for games. I can now, as of recently, code basic things.


Currently looking for quick commisions, mainly around sci-fi/futuristic things. You can contact as stated in the payment area, along with, the prices wont be high. Hope to see you soon.


worked on this with an old friend, took about 2 weeks.

Joined BuildIntoTrain’s team to make NEC, been with him for about a year now. Recently quit due to a new project I joined onto. Worked from Rahway to Hamilton.

I work on Ro-Scale Central, making updates to the map, and doing small code work

Worked on Tiny Rails, a Ro-Scale game where you can drive around a deliver cargo, making money to buy better trains. Scrapped project.

Currently working on Industry Tycoon, takes what Lumber Tycoon 2 did, but more advanced, I did most of the map, the general store, but not the second sell location.

Volcano Game
Made for fun, all of the code was made by me, same with teh builds itself, was meant to test randomness and just messing with burn mechanics, it is a bad in my current standards.


old train station design ditched the game due to technical issues.

Old interior for a space shuttle map, canceled now since I have no use for it, buyer stopped responding (FREE)

Assets for Industry Tycoon


My latest creation is an updated version of the classic Regen Buttons

Made a pop effect for an upgrader

(Roblox recorder captures at low framerate)

Improved version of old regen buttons, uses a base model saved server-side
robloxapp-20220508-0440467.wmv (1.7 MB)

Made this, a clunky recreation of the burn mechanic used in Entry Point
Gas in a Hole

Working on getting more in here.


I am usually free 24/7 365, except on holidays, if you message and I don’t respond, just wait about an hour or two, either sleeping or doing something really quickly. I’m a fast worker so ill get it done as fast as I can.
I can also make changes whenever, as my hope is to make it perfect for you in the end.


Prices are negotiable, I prefer doing group funds, but doing a shirt/gamepass is fine, as long as you are paying the tax.

Prices range between 50-50k, but me charging that high is really rare, as it mostly is large-scale high detail maps.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or you can use Discord/Twitter
Discord tag - Wertyhappy27#0534
Twitter handle - @wertyhappy

Thanks for checking me out :smiley:


Updated games, next up is banners, hopefully you pick me for your next big game.