Space Game (Planet Terrain Issues)

I’m creating a concept for a possible space game and I’ve ran into a big issue. I’m really insistent on using Roblox terrain for the planets as well as making them spherical just like real life. But, there is an issue, when creating spherical terrain with most of the terrain options the lower part of the sphere looks like the bottom of the terrain which of course is not ideal for a planet. Is there any solution to this? I’m guessing there isn’t but I thought I’d ask.

To put it simply, is there anyway to make bottom terrain texture look like the top terrain texture.

If you’re still confused with my explanation, here’s a photo example:

Did you try using the paint tool and paint the bottom and sides with grass?

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I would suggest you to make a model with textures that refers to the Roblox train… :slight_smile:

Plus, it’ll be easier to script it’s gravity and rotations.

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Do this and also disable the 3d grass.

EDIT: oops, I meant to reply to the post not your reply

If you want to calculate the direction of gravity using raycasts then a mesh might be better, but I would just create a planet center and use that to calculate the gravity.

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