Space games on Roblox

Thank you all for the votes and comments, it really means a lot to have this kind of support when developing new games.
I’m working on a project that will combine most of the things I’ve mentioned earlier but, not all at once of course. Can’t wait to make it public!
I’ve been thinking a lot about games that sort of emulate life on ROBLOX, such as pet simulator, bloxburg, adopt me and etc.
How interested would you guys be if there was a space game with that same purpose?

Living and working in space, taking care of alien animals, collecting materials from other planets to build new things and much more.

Vote on this below and leave your comments, I’m really keen to see what the community thinks about this.

  • I would love that!
  • No, it’s a waste of time.

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I feel like these types of games have so much potential to be expanded into different genres. The possibilities are quite endless, and you can really be quite creative in developing what you believe day-to-day life would be like in these universes.

If you do go forth and develop this game, I wish you luck on your journey, and keep us updated!

Also, “ROBLOX” in typography is “Roblox”, not really important but wanted to let you know :wink:


Of course, taking “care of alien animals” isn’t meant to be only about feeding them but more like using them as a source for something bigger than having them as pets. :+1:t2:

wheres the game? im excited to play it