Space MMO UPDATE [ Feedback & Suggestions! ]


What is StarQuest?

StarQuest is an MMO Space Game currently under development.
StarQuest will have Players traversing a vast Galaxy - Partaking in events, tasks and so forth all whilst being a part of an immersive and dangerous universe.

What can I do in StarQuest?

Beside the obvious of flying a Starship - Players can travel to multiple Star Systems and visit the Planets / Bases within - Each area will be uniquely designed allowing for each Planet to be seperate.
Further more - the actions of the Player will determine certain scenarios throughout the game. [ Somewhat morality system. ]
Players will be able to Play as one of many species available. Designing their character how they please.

When will StarQuest be available?

As I am a solo Dev working a full-time-job, the production of the game will be in intervals.
Ideally I wish to work with a season / chapter system - Allowing me to constantly update the game and bring new content.
To answer the question, I imagine it’ll be a while until it’s released.
I’ve been conceptualising StarQuest for roughly 2 years now and finally making it a reality.


Attached below are a few concepts - Depicting 1 of the species available, an outfit and a Space Station.
Also in the video is the animation / controller that they Player will be using.

Any and all Feedback is welcome – I really appreciate the communities input. Thank you!


I’ve added more areas - UIs etc.
In no way is this the final product. This is just one of many, many, locations.

Check it out here.