Space Station showcase

Hey! I made a space station with my free time, so far it took about 30 minutes! I am putting it here for feedback haha

Hey, I made this as a project to work on with my spare time, I posted on it earlier, but it was not as updated. I know it has a lot of repetition, but Its a hallway, and a space hallway, meaning ofc its going to have some repetition. And the major color difference is on purpose haha. Feedback requested, and drop some suggestions if you want!


Space Station:

I am planning on adding a space slide open automatic door, but I do not script, nor animate. So I will try my best to push that update out haha.


This looks really cool, I like the complex, but repetitive walls. Gives me vibes from the interior the Tantive IV.

Also on another note, your avatar looks really nice and actually manages to pull off a legit fedora.

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I swear I have seen this somewhere before…

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Looks nice, modern and high tech I like it keep up the food work :+1:

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Looks all nice and such but what’s up with the repost?
this & this

Its an update, I added a whole other hallway, and new things I will be adding to it, not just a small edit to a post.

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And the 1st one was something I made months ago, but it was too small, and all scaled wrong, laggy etc, so I deleted it and re-made the whole thing.

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Yeah haha thanks, I will make sure to keep up the food work!

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Looks cool! Maybe try adding some more details to the walls? As right now they seem bland and copy pasted. Maybe adding some pipes, lights or signs would help tie it all together. Hope that helps!

really nice heavy use will result in lag most likely

Look at the game Starcitizen for some references, it helped me a ton.

The build’s pretty cool.
I have a question though, are all the replicated parts just parts or did you convert them to meshes too ?

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Lol sorry I was on mobile and auto correct is stupid.