Space Survival Game Review

If you could, could you please try out my game Pioneer its just the demo version of it so there’s not a lot of stuff. If you check it out could you please tell me what you thought of it. Its Playable on mobile and PC. I have spent a long time making this game.

And if you have any ides of items to add to the game please mention them to me cause I’m having trouble thinking of new ones


Honestly, WOW I played for a little and everything is amazing, the UI needs a little work but the music is AMAZING, scenery and everything, well done

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Completely agree with N_aps the UI could use some work but over I like it have not played that much but it looks cool. One bug I found is that on mobile the movement thing does not come up for some reason you can move but it does not come up and it’s very hard to move.

I fixed the movement i forgot to reenable the mobile movement model

When you say the UI needs some work how would i do so?

I feel like compared to newer UI designs it’s not the best.

Yooo sick!!! Keep up the grind man! :sunglasses:

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Also, it shows on the menu but not in the main part of the cage so still can’t move.

I quite like the game mechanics, and was also wondering if the location data for the resources was randomly generated?

I fixed that i just forgot to update the game

No it is not but I’m thinking of making a script that randomly generates the resources

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Oh nice, hope you have great success with your game!

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Really nice looking game. Of note, there must be a model prompting for in game purchases, as when I looked in the console, this appeared quite a few times:

Weird cause I modeled everything I the game and never wrote a something to do that

Do you have any other plugins used? Check them. The are quite a few guides on DevForum on how to remove dodgy scripts from your game.

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