Space thing | Artwork

some art ,
tried to use @/nurgenius idea
but i didnt much time for this so i had to speed it up

its different i guess

opinions n’ feedback is welcome as always :smiley:


I like the composition of the scene, real nice.

What bothers me a bit is that the character is lit in a white-ish light, considering that he is in outer space and the two visible light tones (purple and blue) wouldn’t sum up to white in thought. Maybe make the two colours more prominent in the character, something like two-face?

Other than that, it’s pretty neat.

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oh yeah
thats kinda a problem lmao

thank ya very much though, appreciate it :smile:

Awesome job.

How’s that viking coming along? Heh

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:eyes: gunna be a while,
its a p difficult one

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Shoulda pinged me :upside_down_face:.

And looking dope man :+1:, love that you incorporated background elements, and the light -> to dark lighting technique. Super cool!

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thank you very much man

idea was a real good one tbh :+1: