Spacebase Aqua | Dev-log #1

Myself, I like space. You may like space, or may not. I also love NASA, however. I could not find a fun free, unique, fun ‘EXPERIENCE’.

I am doing this as a SOLO project, I don’t want to spend ages and a lot of money hiring people for something that is just a lil project.

Development started ages ago, but I made some edits.

Finished things

UI for the menu
Cameras for the menu screen
Building some stuff for the menu page

Ill show some images below. V

Final Notes

I will make more dev logs every single day! Feel free to check up on them every day!
Feel free to leave feedback in the comments, I’ll see what I want to add or decide on.

Thanks for checking it out!


Not trying to go fast but I would love to test or help with the game in a way! I can’t wait to see what it comes to.

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Thanks! I didnt think about testers, but I’ll reach out defo!

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Count me in as well. Definitely sounds interesting. Space is always intriguing to know more about.

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Yeah. I hope we learn more in the in-coming years. I hope you enjoy it when it releases.