Spacenauts (Procedurally Generated Planets Iteration 3 by Super_pro322222)

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Spacenauts is an experience where you’re going to be able to travel through an entirely procedurally generated solar system exploring every planet you can come across with.

Spacenauts is currently on pre-alpha and it has no official release date.

Spacenauts on YT:

Spacenauts features a unique way of generating spherical planets which do not have a significant impact on performance, these planet’s diamter can vary from 16,000 to 18,000 studs.

This system includes chunk rendering systems with server-client communication allowing for quick data transfer between server and client.

These planets feature different climates and conditions, they can either have life or be sterile and desolated worlds, the different climate variants are: “Lush”, “Desertic”, “Sterile”, “Radiactive”, “Cold”.

Spacenauts also features randomly generated stars which vary their colour and thus the light they emit, either giving solar systems cold blueish tones or reddish warm tones.

Planets also have their own realistic atmospheres and can be generated with rings systems, all of these planets are 100% unique and you are able to travel to space.

Spacenauts also features a terrain LOD system which loads voxel based terrain within certain range of the player and draws the remaining terrain using polygons which diminish performance issues.

Planets feature procedurally generated trees and minerals, each planet has different compounds or elements based on their atmospheric composition.

Lush planet images:

Desertic planet images:

Planets seen from space:


That’s actually a really cool idea, and the screenshots look quite nice. How long have you been working on it?

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I’ve been working on it for almost 3 years


Very good! :D. but the gui its a little bad

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yup, totally agree with this, I’m not working actively on GUI so it might look a little too bad lol

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Also, ACTIVA EL WINDOWS, lo siento mods por hablar español aca, Puedo trabajar en mejorar algo el GUI?, no quiero el acceso total de el juego, por ci te lo preguntas.

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Estaría genial pero no estoy trabajando en el juego actualmente por razones y planeo retomarlo en enero

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Gui really is not the point of his project although it can be better I don’t think an amazing interface is really an absolute necessity in this situation.

This is very impressive! I am working on my own version of this currently, but this seems really cool as well. In my project I am focusing on smaller planets, but more populated with plants and life. Procedural Planet Generation System - #12 by Jab2Roblox

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The detail of this game is impressive! Nice work!


@Super_pro322222, how did you do the terrain optimization? Did you manually load/unload the terrain? I have been having problems with my system, and having way to much terrain in game. Also, how are you handling rendering from a distance?

I made a rendering system that loads and unloads chunks of terrain, trees and minerals.
I combined it with a LOD system, they’re really complex but your only option if you want to do something big

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