Spaceship Character, Movement/Camera Vibe

Hello, I am working on a space-shooter, and I need to change the character to their selected spaceship when they press play. Does anybody know how I could go about it? I need 2 things;

  1. The spaceship model needs to work as a “StarterCharacter”
  2. The player needs to transform into it, and teleport

But there is nuance too, I can’t have it just like any startercharacter, it needs to be able to turn 360ish and stuff, for reference;
And be first person.

Thanks for reading! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

so first of all, if you want that to be the persons avatar so to speak, then name it StarterCharacter, and put it in the StarterPlayer folder. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the nuance, but also if you want to teleport them, use player.CFrame = part.CFrame or something like that, like you would for a normal teleport function? as i said im not entirely sure what your asking so reply

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They can’t start as it. Thanks for the teleport, and for the nuance, look at the example: I want it to be able to turn around and stuff like a rocket. Not like the standard roblox movement.

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ah, i dont really know how to do that sorry, glad i could help with the teleport tho

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