Spaceship survival game, would you like that?

Hello, so I’m actually making a game but I was wondering if people would play it otherwise it’s “useless”. The game is a “disaster survival” game where people are in a spaceship and they need to survive. I’m making some things to make it interesting and not just walking around while trying to not die. I wonder if I should make it like some others game where once a game start it continue until everyone is dead ( like the story based games like “break-in” ) with a lobby or not.
But the main idea is : be in a spaceship , survive more and more disasters ( can get multiple one at the same time as it goes on ).
I’ll maybe add spaceship upgrade or other things but I don’t know how complicated I should make the game for roblox and I would also like thoughts on that.
Sorry if it’s a little bit unorganized at the moment I “only” made the spaceship models and some other things. Don’t forget to answer with a comment to add things or with the poll if you have nothing to ask ( or do both :smile: )
Thank you for reading !

Could this game work
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This game could work if the mechanics are good. For example you could make it low gravity so the players can flow around the space ship. The game idea is kind of similar to natural disaster survival.

You should not do that. Players don’t want to wait like 10 minutes to play again, they will just leave.


I think this type of game actually can work. Here is why

1.We haven’t really seen games like survive the disaster in a while(I loved survive the disasters when I was newer to ROBLOX and I would play it for along time)

2.Depends about how you make the game for example:
-the design
-mechanics @Dolphin_Worm
Basically the overall feel

I guess that’s really It also consistent updates that make the game boring after a day of gameplay

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