Spam Tools to noclip through thin walls

noclip repro.rbxl (45.8 KB)
Switching back and forth between two tools (no macro needed) can let a player noclip through thin walls (tested on 1 stud wall, doesn’t work on 3 or higher)


How the heck, might be something with attachments/welds.

Nevermind, someone just showed me that wall thickness doesn’t matter, and can only be done with one tool.

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I’ve seen this glitch before (early 2017 I believe) and managed to do it myself. It used to be easier than it is now, and I’m not sure how to reproduce it effectively. People did it a lot with the balloons at Twisted Murderer too.

Having CanCollide false doesn’t help from what I remember, however if the tool can’t collide with the wall because of its collision group, the glitch doesn’t work.

You can also noclip through thin walls just by having a quick enough walkspeed. I think it might have something to do with PGS enabled.

This bug was discovered yesterday by @Androxius at a playtest. (2019-11-06)

Using any Roblox tool in starterpack (or picked up), you can noclip through primitives, unions, and meshparts. Using either Corsair or Razer’s method can have you noclipping indefinitely; and no matter the size of the primitive, union or meshpart. This happens for both R6 and R15.

With a simple Macro to quickly select ‘1’ on the toolbar (this can be applied to any tool inside of the toolbar) and applying your humanoid to a surface, you will noclip through it and its brick. This can also be done for multiple bricks at a time. The example below was done via Corsair’s macro software.

This has been tested and verified by @Androxius and @OIdMachine who have used two different Macro programs (Corsair and Razer respectively)

The Corsair method was performed with Corsair’s “iCUE” software and a K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE keyboard. The Razer method was performed with Razer’s “Synapse 3” software and a Deathadder Gaming Mouse.

I have been been able to do this with AutoHotKey and this simple script;

Macro Script
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2


PressKey := ! PressKey	;Toggle PressKey True/False


{	If ! PressKey

		Break			;If PressKey is False, stop pressing key

	Send {1}

	Sleep 1		;Delay between keypresses



#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 1

To use the Macro Script, download AutoHotKey, open a notepad, copy and paste the code, then save as autoclick1.ahk. Then open/run it. Join a Roblox Place and hit CapsLock and it should autoclick “1” for you.

Disclaimer: beware that hitting CapsLock outside of a Roblox place will have your keyboard spamming “1” for you also. You can hit CapsLock again to stop it.

Using Corsair’s or Razer’s software will give a more ‘smooth’ noclip.

With AutoHotKey, there is a slight delay and it doesn’t produce the result as instantly. You may have to hug the wall for a bit longer.

Repro Place:


This bug is still possible, but it seems to be tied to your FPS now. At a normal 60 fps this wont be possible (or at least with my methods) So to do it now, you need to get your fps to 30. You still need to do the macro and you still can basically noclip on a horizontal plane.

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Actually, this glitch is very old. I saw so many players doing it on my old game, and here’s an old a video of someone doing it:
The tools all had only 1 part (handle), and no collision. The wall the player clipped in the video was 1 stud thick.

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Based what I have tested and experienced.
right arm did not collide the wall and it can move through it
sometimes the edge of the right arm (or the gear) stuck on the other side
so when the animation set back to idle you may got forced to move through the wall or just like your arm move through with the gear
or you arm works like half collide

So you can make this not happen, if you fix the avatar, animation and the gear you hold. yes it works. even people can’t do that in MM2 anymore

but my question that I ignore (why we can still move through if our arm did not collied in the first place)

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I deleted my other response because it does not work for all devices for some odd reason, for example players with bad devices can still do the glitch sometimes. I made a simple method now that does a local noclip raycast for about 5 seconds every time a tool is equipped. This is full proof and I have tested it along with friends for my game. Because this topic has no answer anywhere I wanted to give my script so everyone can use it and fix this problem in there game. Here is the link to my model: