Spanish Translation Service (OPEN)

About me

Hi there! I am a new translator who is interested in starting a localization career in Roblox. My native language is Spanish, since I was born in South America

I have been speaking English since 2014 and I am fluent in said language aswell, to prove it, here’s an example:

Shrouded in golden leaves,
we wait.
The world doesn’t end at sunset
and only dreams
limit themselves to things.


Nosotros esperamos
Envueltos por las hojas doradas.
El mundo no acaba en el atardecer,
y solamente los sueños
tienen sus límites en las cosas.

This a fragment of Giovanni Quessep’s poem.

I am available around 4 hours on weekdays and 8 or 10 hours in weekends. You can contact me anytime though, I am most of the time online.

Considering that I am somewhat inexperienced in localization, I will start with low rates. At the moment I only accept robux since I don’t own a PayPal account, hopefully I’ll get one soon though.

Prices go from 25 - 50 R$ per string / cell, depending on complexity


You can contact me here at the Dev Forum, or on discord: Mr.8#7932

Thanks for reading and giving me a chance to introduce myself in the translator world! :slight_smile:


I will try to obtain a certificate as soon as possible.

Update: in the middle of the year or at the end of 2021 I will possibly have a certificate, sorry for the delay but as you know you have to pay for that exam.