Spawn Issues HELP

Hello, i have some issues with my spawning, currently i have no spawner, to spawn my characters, i have a character script to spawn my current player to a part using cframe, right now i am making a checkpoint type of system, but everytime i spawn im on the floor, any way to fix this?

Well you can make 1 part not cancolide 2 your spawn cancolide Like Sandwich Or just try up your Spawn i thing he stuck bc your background hinders the humanoid

Question, Do yk how to spawn facing a certain direction?
Having issues with this, Youre response worked, but how would i make it spawn facing the right direction, You see its facing backwards anyway to manipulate this?

E try Position In TeamServer or wait i need try

? Elaborate more please 30 chaaaaaaaaars

Try Oritation Maybe its work From TeamServer

Right click on your part and click Show Orientation Indicator. This blue line will be pointing in the direction of the front face of the part, which determines the direction your character spawns

PartSpawn.Orieation == Humanoid Orientation I just try this its work)) Just Print Orientation in part and its work @IlluminatedInspired if you need help to fix this i can record you if you need

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