Spawning multiple particles in the same frame

I’m trying to make a LIDAR-like system, where I spawn a bunch of dots to show your surroundings.

I’m shooting multiple dots in one frame, however all of the dots end up spawning in the same position.
(Tracers show where they should end up, the dot is where they actually end up.)

I’ve tried adding a delay to the volley section of the code, (where it spawns all 6 in one frame), and while this technically fixes it, it’s far too slow.

Here’s where I spawn the particle, this runs multiple times in the same frame which is causing the issue.

emitter.CFrame =
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Do you want it like the jailbreak minimap where dots apear to show the position of people

No, the dots are particles in 3D space. My issue is that trying to move the part and spawn a particle multiple times in the same frame ends up spawning all of the particles in the same spot.

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Have you considered using individual ParticleEmitters, or simply using something else like neon parts?

What are you trying to put particles on players or like parts

Im not 100% sure what its called you could use the gui that hovers above something like in pla donate when you donate

I initially tried using neon parts but it was too laggy. I’d prefer to avoid using multiple particle emitters as well if possible, but I can try that if it’s needed.

Nevermind, I found a pretty clean way to use multiple particle emitters in my script.

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