SpawnLocations broken?

I have 12 neutral spawnlocations, and for some reason when i do Test Server with 2 Test players, the players never spawn on the spawnlocations at all. This is definitely since the last update

Dumb question but, are their “neutral” property set to true?

It’s been dumb questions that’s helped me solve a number of my problems.

The problem stopped after I moved the spawn room 4000 studs closer to the origin (0, 0, 0).

Originally the spawns were at around (4800, 800, -500)

Is this still broken? We did have a problem with MoveTo() that also affected spawning at locations far away from the origin. This should be fixed as of last night. If you are still having a problem with this, please link to a very simple place with one neutral spawn point that demonstrates the problem.


CodeWriter, MoveTo() was also broken for teleport tools and other scripts. Whatever you did fixed it, though. The bug was: my teleport tool uses MoveTo() and when I get like 2000 studs away from 0, it teleported me to the negative axis (same other axis though) across the map.

As for stealth’s exact problem, that is interesting. Maybe his studio isn’t updated lol.

The MoveTo broke my Pokemon game, which I made before universes, so the map was huge in size.

When doing debugging for MoveTo I noticed that I could never get my character to spawn on a spawnlocation in studio. I had to use command line to move them there when I did testing. Worked normally in a server though.