Special Mesh-Part is Jittery When Welded

I created a flashlight containing a ring mesh to create a shadow effect that you would typically see on a flashlight. The ring is placed in front of the part containing the spotlights. All of the parts that make up the flashlight are welded to its handle. When holding the flashlight out the ring shadow is a bit jittery. I am unsure if this is a lighting issue or the actual part glitching.

I was not able to find a post regarding this. If someone finds one please reply with its link. The only things I have tried are turning collisions off and turning massless on. Neither of these fixed the issue. Below is a video of the issue and a picture of the setup for the flashlight.

Video: https://gyazo.com/8f82b4e0314fdcee14d63bf651472e02
Picture: https://gyazo.com/6bfa15a117d1bdf0611ae89b37ddfb06

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Is the ring a union? . . . . .

Maybe your character’s idle animation is interfering with your flashlight making it jitter around. Perhaps try a different method of having the flashlight held in your hands?

It’s not a union it’s a mesh. It has a mesh-id that is implemented in the special-mesh object.

Do you mean not using the existing tool system? Also, do welds perform like an anchor, or do they have some type of position refresh rate?

That is the animation. Most roblox-made animations have some sort of jitter due to the amount of keyframes.

Ah okay, you and Warm are probably right then. I will likely just create my own idle animations to fix this issue.