SpecialMesh Texture Not Rendering Correctly

The right part is a MeshPart with a texture. The left part is an union with a SpecialMesh that has the same MeshId and TextureId as the right part. However, the texture is messed up??

Are you sure that they have the same texture? I see red on one, but not the other.

Also, try a regular part with a special mesh instead of a union. That might be the problem.

This bug is manifesting itself in a couple ways outside of what you’ve noticed, I came across it in Ultimate Driving both in Studio and in-game.

Textures not being applied to SpecialMeshes, similar to OP:

Textures rendering into the game in a super low resolution:

These assets have been uploaded to the platform for several months at this point.

This all broke within the last hour or two.
Running on Windows 10, Studio version 0.441.1.408989 64bit if that makes a difference.

I just got the studio update about 5 minutes ago. Ill checkout one of my games and see if it a new universal bug or not

Hmm… I didn’t find anything.

I have this bug also in many of my games, with event assets uploaded yesterday or in less then 10hours.

The issue seems to have resolved itself sometime between yesterday and today, at least on my end.

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