SpecialMesh to MeshPart Converter

Recently I had a need for a way to easily convert a lot of SpecialMesh instances into MeshParts, however, to my surprise, there was no easy method to do so or clear method or plugin that had already been made to suit this purpose, so I decided that I would create this plugin which did exactly what I needed, as quickly as possible and thought it would be useful enough to share with anybody else in need of such a utility.

A link to the plugin can be found here.

In order to use it, all you need to do is select any instances containing SpecialMesh objects that you wish to convert to a MeshPart, and then press the “Convert” button in the “SpecialMesh > MeshPart” toolbar.


That is a very good idea. Not very many people will need it but the few people who do will be really thankful.


Please do meshpart to specialmesh too

Unfortunately I don’t intend to make one for the reverse of this. This plugin was only created to suit a use case I needed in which I needed to convert a large number of SpecialMeshes to MeshParts easily and quickly and I do not have any use cases in which I would find that to be useful.

It was interesting that the creator wasn’t you?

The account that created the plugin is the main account I use regularly, I just use this one for the devforum.

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Thank you!

This plugin will help me a lot with my game, on which i used a ton of special meshes before knowing MeshParts existed