SpecialProsecutor | Scripter, Programmer, UI Designer



For his First commission he did exactly want I asked him to and did it fast, although having a tight schedule. He was good to work with and I will definitely consider working with him again. - Rvulix#1340

Game: Oaris, California

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How much are you costing? Like prices and things because I am interested.

What is your discord tag and username?

Edited, check the about me page, c:

Depends on what you want. Please note i’m not accepting super big commissions right now, just little ones as I am not making this portfolio fully for hiring, but mostly for showing off experience when I need too.

I don’t go over R$1000 for costing at the moment, maybe in the future when I take big commissions I will.

Could you make custom chat systems for when a script is activated the player’s name in chat is changed?

I am not sure what you mean? What do you mean by when the script is activated? Please elaborate

Yep I would like to hire you for a small commision not that big my discord is Trisins 1111

When the script is enabled I mean.

I don’t think thats good practice, but in theory I could. Not taking commissions right now though.

Oh, alright. Have a great day.

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highly talented scripter, guis could use improvement but otherwise excellent service

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