Specific Crash Involving Instances' Name/Parent in Plugin

This bug started happening recently for my installation of Studio. I’m assuming this will occur on other installations as well, but it is possible that this is exclusive to mine (this can be found out through my repro case).

The situation in which the crash occurs is very specific: it seems to occur after I :Wait() for a button click in CoreGui, and then set an Instance’s Name and Parent in the same frame. If I add a wait() before setting the Instance’s Parent and setting the Instance’s Name (after the click event), the crash no longer occurs.

Repro Steps:

  1. Download and locally install the repro plugin: CrashRepro.rbxm (21.7 KB) .
  2. Click the plugin’s “Crash” toolbar button.

The code that results in the crash is contained in the plugin’s script (very short script; stripped down to minimal code to reproduce). To highlight the temporary fix I found, insert a wait() here:

Thanks for your feedback and for providing such a clear repro. We investigated the issue and have now turned off the part of the feature which caused it. Restart Studio and it shouldn’t crash.


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